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His Excellency Prof Dr. Ray C Dam




The Office of International Treasury Control, also known as OITC, is the international Institution that owns and manages the Global Debt Facility (otherwise known as the Global Accounts) that is used to underwrite the entire global financial operations of the International Banking System.

OITC is the global financial system’s 5th-level gatekeeper and administrative organization appointed in conformance with the terms of the Treaty of Paris and Treaty of Yalta by the Federal Alpha Omega Marshall Authority (Created by Consent of all Nations) as owners and controllers of the International Institutional Parent Combined Collateral Accounts Commission (IIPCCAC).

Registered in the United Nations under Registration Number 0104556139235 they operate as the 5th Level Clearance part of the financial management control system under their Charter which is known as Charter Control Number 10-60847.

The financial system is a two-tiered system, one tier is off-ledger funds that represent collateral, and the other tier is on-ledger funds that represent available money, often referred to as back screen and front screen respectively. When money moves from the back screen to the front screen, the movement must be authorized by OITC. 

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