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To enable you to understand the legitimacy and function of OITC, the following section will explain the treaties and systems that underpin OITC and how the consortium came to be. It will also explain the succession of Collateral Owners and Controllers appointed by the Nations of the World and the authority of the assets that they control.



WHEREAS, Ratification 1898 of Article XII of the Treaty of Paris and revisions (1935, 1974, 1987, 2015) Constituted CC.3957P-Decision Alpha Omega Marshal Plan C.I.A.G.R.SP.70014-IPRA-8371 granted mandatory powers of enforcement in the resolution of execution of the written order and the relinquishment of the Treaty Rights for the Federal Assets Recovery Act of the new “Nations of the World Treaty Pact” and appointed the Chairman of the United Nations Office of International Treasury Control (UNOITC) as Institutional Owner and Controller of the Federal Assets operating through UNOITC under Charter Control Number 10-60847. 


Within the Federal Reserve System, the Nations of the World created the International Collateral Combined Accounts that Hold and Control the World’s Wealth in a Centralized System, commonly known as The Global Debt Facility.


The Nations have over time appointed Special Persons to maintain Ownership and Control of that Continuous System, each appointee being the heir and successor of the Previous Controller.


The successive Collateral Owners and Controllers Appointed by the Nations of the World.

  • First International Treasury Controller,

    • President Sukarno of Indonesia 1946 – 1968.

  • Second International Treasury Controller,

    • President Ferdinand Edralin Marcos 1968-1988.

  • Third International Treasury Controller,

    • H.E. Prof. Dr. Ray C. Dam. 1988-Present.

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