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Troubled History of OITC

The Office of International Treasury Control (OITC) has long been one of the most maligned and misunderstood organizations in the world. 

The name and marks of OITC are being used in attempts to disinform the public through websites, blogs, social media, and other such platforms. 

OITC is aware of many platforms that are actively maligning its name and its Officers, but the fact remains that OITC is a registered statutory and regulatory organization. 

Correct due diligence on OITC and UNOITC must be done through proper authorities in major central banks or even with very senior commercial bank officers of major banks.  If you do business with UNOITC and wish to do your due diligence, please discuss this with your senior bank officers, as they know how the system functions.  

From 1995 to 2010, the operations of OITC were so secret that even the existence of OITC was normally denied by organizations such as the Federal Reserve, Banks, United Nations, and Governments. This was partly due to the nature of assets that OITC owned, the level of authority OITC had over those assets, and the inability of the general public to understand. It was also to prevent knowledge of the existence of the Collateral Accounts and the role they play in the modern financial system that had been instituted in 1971 by the Amendment to the Foreign Gold Act under the Nixon Administration.

Cambodia, the homeland of Dr. Dam, was chosen as the place to locate UNOITC. Here, it was out of the way and in a location that was considered unlikely when, in fact, it was ideal. The local community knew that a number of foreigners were working there but thought little of it as there were many foreign NGOs in Cambodia. 

In 2003, Dr. Keith F. Scott, then Chief of Cabinet of the Office of His Excellency Dr. Ray C. Dam, met with officers from the National Security Agency in the United States. The NSA Agents asked why Dr. Dam never drew the salaries from the Financial Constraints Office of the United Nations as the office was entitled to do.  

Also that due to issues that required OITC to operate in extreme secrecy caused many problems; the NSA recommended that operational structures needed to be amended, starting with a change of name that indicated what the operational nature of the Office was, but without disclosing exactly how OITC functions or what OITC actually does. The name “The Office of International Treasury Control” was deemed the most appropriate and so this was then agreed. 

On returning to Cambodia, Scott asked Dr. Dam about the salaries that were available from the United Nations.  Dr. Dam acknowledged that he was aware of them, but pointed out that if they took payment from anyone, then the independence of the office would be compromised. “If you take the devil’s money, then you are bound to do the devil’s bidding.” In 26 years, OITC has never drawn their salaries.

Much has been made of what happened in Fiji in 2006. None of what is reported is a true account of events but are assumptions of a small town media. What occurred is that OITC stripped a Freddie Mac Note with Cusip No. 3134A3M78 and ISIN No. US3134A3M787 of US$ 3 Billion and gave it to a company in Fiji known as Triunion Investment and Holding (Fiji) Limited, which was largely owned by the Great Council of Chiefs. Contrary to what was reported, there was no charge over any land or any other assets asked for or given. The money was granted for three purposes. 1. To establish a National reforestation project of almost 1 million acres. 2. To establish care facilities for the aged (a request from the Fiji Senate). 3. To refurbish the existing jails to give inmates a better quality of life and to extend vocational training facilities for inmates. 

The only repayment back to OITC was a 10% interest stake in the forests to be planted as that had been calculated to be enough to repay the investment. Merrill Lynch, Pierce Fenner, and Smith, who were the Holders of the note, stripped US$3 Billion from the note and sold it to Fiserv Industries (a Member of the Fidelity Group) and had the cash to settle the note given by OITC once the Fiji Government called the settlement of the Note. For whatever reason, be it political turmoil or some other reason, the Government never called the Note.

The most dangerous problem for OITC occurred in 2010.  David Sale, a midlevel executive from OITC, conspired with Giancarlo Bruno of the World Economic Forum to take over OITC and to bring it under the control of the World Economic Forum, who are great supporters of the United Nations Agenda 21 / Agenda 30.  To totally affect those plans needed money. Sale’s plan was to remove Dr. Dam (Chairman) and Dr. Scott (Chief of Cabinet), then move OITC under the World Economic Forum with Sale as the new Chairman, and the best way to do that was to get rid of both Dam and Scott permanently. Sale contacted the Phnom Post and the Cambodia Daily and began a campaign of vilification against Dr. Dam, primarily through the Phnom Penh Post. Lucy Jordan from the Cambodia Daily was very suspicious of Sale and, on December 15, 2010, contacted Scott via email, questioning the implausible assertions of Sale. Scott immediately copied the email from Lucy Jordan of the Cambodia Daily to Dr. Dam. Phnom Penh Post did no due diligence, and they just irresponsibly published what Sale had told them.

On December 17, 2010, at 10 pm, Dr. Dam called Scott and told him he was about to be arrested. As they were aware of the reasons behind the attack, the men agreed that if they were both arrested that neither of them would be likely to survive. Dam told Scott to leave Cambodia immediately, which he did. 

There was no real charge to file against Dr. Dam and he was held for seven months without charge. Meanwhile, Sale was boasting that he had Dam arrested and that Dr. Dam would never leave jail alive. In his mind, he was now the new Chairman of OITC appointed by the Hierarchy (whatever that is). Dr. Dam was eventually released from prison due to the intervention of King Bumiphol of Thailand and was brought to Thailand by the Royal Thai Air Force. On arrival, he was originally pronounced dead and was moved to the mortuary. In preparing the body for placement in the refrigeration unit, a mortuary attendant discovered him to still be alive. He was taken to the Intensive Care Unit and thereafter was taken to a hospital in Germany for special care.

After several months of recuperation, Dr. Dam began reorganizing OITC. Regardless of the claims of Sale’s co-conspirator David Crayford, also known as “Whistleblower” in hundreds of internet chat rooms, they never succeeded in their evil plan. All of Crayford’s published assertions about OITC, Scott and Dr. Dam are malicious, untrue and derived from wishful thinking.

OITC is reorganized and operates through its office in Washington D.C. just as they always have done, the Washington Office has always been there, even when it operated from Cambodia. His Excellency, Dr. Ray C. Dam remains in control as Chairman and Dr. Keith F. Scott remain as Deputy Chairman and Chief of Cabinet.

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