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MEET Dr. Ray C. Dam


On January 20th, 1995, Dr. Ray C. Dam was appointed International Treasury Controller, and Legal Heir and Owner of the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility, with full authority and dispositional control of same, under Legal Decadency RCD 1088, executed by the Nations of the World. Also established on January 20, 1995, was The Office of International Treasury Control, as the management, administrative and operations organization for His Excellency, Dr. Ray C. Dam.

Dr. Ray C. Dam is a person, but His Excellency Dr. Ray C. Dam is a certified and indemnified international Central Banking financial institution operating as The Office of International Treasury Control. 

Following the confirmation of the Powers and Authorities of His Excellency Dr. Ray C. Dam by the “Washington Panel” in 1998, the establishment of the Institution ---- The Office of International Treasury Control ---- was completed on January 20, 2003, whereby, based upon the content and requirements of numerous International Treaties, The Office of International Treasury Control was granted Sovereign Entity Status under the United Nations Charter Control No: 10-60847.

Though not generally or publicly known, OITC is the largest International Institution of its kind. It is the largest single owner of gold and platinum bullion in the World, in addition to being a major owner of Bank Debenture Securities, International Treasuries, Cash and other forms of securities, all of which are recorded as assets of the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility, whose accounts are held within the Federal Reserve, The Bank for International Settlements, The US Treasury, Swiss National Bank, Swiss Federal Finance Administration.  
Since being established, the OITC has become the largest single owner of Home Mortgage Securities in the World today. Original assets in the form of gold have been wisely and well utilized to create wealth that creates further wealth.

The Assets of the Combined International Collateral Accounts are in constant use, assisting to finance countries and such organizations, either in part or full, as the International Monetary Fund, The World Bank, The International Finance Corporation, International Development Banks, United Nations, and additionally underpinning the US Dollar as the World’s Reserve Currency.

So as to protect the assets, as well as protecting Dr. Ray C. Dam (International Treasury Controller), together with all other persons involved, full International Protection and Immunity under Full Jacket Security Level 3 - 5 was applied, attested and affirmed under the Great Seal of America (No: 632-258894) on behalf of the International Community, together and conjointly with Sovereign Entity Status under the United Nations.

It should be noted that only a few persons in each country of the world are eligible to be able to verify or undertake a verification, re: the position of Dr. Ray C. Dam (International Treasury Controller) and the Office of International Treasury Control. Such persons are limited to Kings, Queens, Presidents, Prime Ministers, with Ministers of Finance and Ministers of Foreign Affairs subject to security status and special conditions/dispensation. 
For anyone, other than those persons referred to above, to attempt to undertake verification would be futile and would result in deliberate misinformation on same, or no response at all. Additionally, “Classified” information is not available, and never will be, on or through the “www” or various Web Sites which are totally unregulated, uncontrolled, and legally void, whereby reference to such Web Sites will only reveal speculations, innuendoes, comments from the uninformed, deliberate propaganda and misinformation, or similar. YOU ARE THEREFORE ADVISED NOT TO UTILISE THE “WWW” OR VARIOUS WEBSITES FOR ANY FORM OF VERIFICATION AS IT IS NOT OFFICIAL, NOR IS IT A PROFESSIONAL METHOD OF VERIFICATION, NOR WILL IT GIVE YOU ANY CORRECT OR ACCURATE INFORMATION.

International Treaties

Jekyll Island Agreement (Georgia U.S.A., 1908.)
The Aldrich Act (U.S.A. 1910 )
Creation of the Federal Reserve System (Washington, U.S.A., 1913)
Trilateral Tripartite Trillenium Pact Between Nations (London 1921)
The Gold Act, (U.S.A. 1924)
Creation of Bank for International Settlements (January 20, 1930)
Bretton Woods Agreement (New Hampshire, U.S.A., 1944)
B.I.S. Agreement with the Allies (Berne, Switzerland, 1946)
Green Hilton Memorial Agreement (Geneva, Switzerland, 1963-1968)
Schweitzer Conference (Innsbruck, Austria, 1964)
Schweitzer Convention (The Hague, Netherlands, 1968 and revisions thereof, 1972, 1984, and 1998 Washington Panel)
Respecting the Rights Treaty (Bangkok 2003)


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